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BESTRR Enterprises, LLC, has an experience base of over 25 years. We are uniquely staffed with cross-skilled experts and experienced personnel, holding several professional certifications that can meet our clients' variety of needs.


Our staff are able to provide full technical management of projects, activities, products, processes, and/or specific activity development (i.e., perform analysis).


We also provide contract personnel for client-managed projects.

Our staff hold professional certifications, including:

  * Certified Lean Six Sigma       * Professional Certified Kaizen Facilitator         

  * 5S Organizational Change   * Certified Change Management Specialist         

  * Global Org Culture Change SME          * Project Management Essentials       

  * Certified Project Manager              * Certified Systems Engineer 

  * Certified  Risk Management Professional    * FEMA Emergency Program Manager

  * FEMA Radiological Emergency Management       

  * FEMA Fundamentals of Emergency Management   

  * Trained in:  CMMI,   A3 Lean Process,   AS9100 and AS9100 Auditing, MS Schedule     Assessment & Auditing

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